Air Conditioning

Installing air conditioning is a decision that lasts many years.  That's why it's important to get it right.  Whether it be a cost effective ducted evaporative system that cools your whole house during summer or the convenience of year round comfort with a reverse cycle system, Fleurieu Heating & Cooling has the answer.

Many customers are simply looking for advice.  Understanding your expectations and how each system works can often determine your best option.  We take the time to listen so we can recommend a system to suit both your lifestyle and your family.



Ducted evaporative airconditioning uses simple technology to deliver cool fresh air into your home.  As the warmer outside air passes through dampened specialised pads, it cools down.  This cooler air is then directed through ductwork to outlets around your home.

Evaporative airconditioners use a fraction of the energy compared to reverse cycle ducted systems and are often a unit of choice for people who prefer leaving their house open to the fresh air.

There are many brands on the market which often leads to confusion over which option to choose.  At Fleurieu Heating & Cooling, years of experience with installation, maintenance and repair has left us with no doubt which brands offer performance, reliability and value for money.


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The convenience of pushing a button to cool your home down after a long hot day, or warm your home up during the chill of winter is fast becoming commonplace in most homes.  Reverse cycle airconditioning is a refrigerated system that delivers temperature controlled air all year round.

Ducted systems can be designed to suit both large and smaller homes with as many zones as required to ensure efficient operation.

Perhaps it's just one room that you would like to concentrate on.  Split System airconditioners are a less expensive option and ideal for specific areas.

Maybe you have a large open area with limited ceiling space.  A ceiling cassette may be the answer.

Whatever your application, Fleurieu Heating & Cooling can design a system for you.  We've even put outlets in the floor!

When choosing which brand of reverse cycle airconditioner to go with, it is vital that the system is both functional and reliable.  It's also important to know that in the unlikely event that your system breaks down, there will be a timely reaction by the appointed warranty technician.  Too many times, we hear of people who have purchased a system based on price alone, only to find that it is unreliable and they're forced to wait weeks for someone to attend.

Fleurieu Heating & Cooling have dealt with many brands over the years and are fully confident with the performance, reliability and warranty of the well known Samsung, and ActronAir whose ducted systems are designed and built right here in Australia.


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